Putrajaya is Malaysia’s administrative capital aka where their government sits. So you might be wondering, why am I posting about it then? Because, my dear readers, Putrajaya is a futuristic architectural wonderland! Don’t believe me? Read on and flick through my photos – this capital is a-mazing for photo ops (my photos aren’t that great unfortunately but I’m sure you can do better given the great source material!) Having said that, it’s also a super boring place – so I suggest coming here in the morning then heading back to KL by lunch


How to get to Putrajaya

Take the KLIA Transit from KL Sentral to Putrajaya. Tickets cost ~RM 14 one-way, but if buy your ticket from the self-service kiosk you’ll get to enjoy a 10% discount. The train ride lasts for ~20 minutes, and the train departs every 30 mins

Once you arrive at the Cyberjaya & Putrajaya train station, just ask where the taxi stands are and head there. Once you arrive at the taxi booths, buy a taxi-for-hire coupon at the booth, where there are fixed prices based on the number of hours that you require. I took the 2-hour tour and requested for a good English speaking taxi driver, which cost me ~RM 80

Other options: Best of Putrajaya Tour

On weekends, at 11 AM and 3 PM, the Putrajaya Corporation provides a 2-hour English-guided sightseeing tour around Putrajaya. Photo stops are included, along with half an hour to taste the local foods. I heard it’s pretty rushed though, but given how much it costs (ONE MALAYSIAN RINGGIT) – you should definitely do it if you’re on a budget!!

How to sign up: Look for the “Best of Putrajaya Tour” sign at Putrajaya train station and sign up on the spot until 30 mins before departure. Note that it operates on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a maximum seating of 40 people per session only

Sights to see

Semi Saujana Bridge


Seri Gemilang Bridge




Perdanan Putrajaya Complex


Palace of Justice


Seri Wawasan Bridge


Masjid Putra


Prime Minister’s Office


Gatecrashing a wedding


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