December 29, Tuesday

We’ve heard loads of people raving about the coastal walks (from Bondi to Bronte to Coogee), so we knew we wanted to do it! But what order to do it in? In the end, after consulting our map and the travel options available, we decided to go to Bronte first and walk there to Bondi (~45 mins walk, I wanted to start from Coogee but was vetoed by my family as it would take ~4 hours from Coogee to Bondi). Afterwards, we could then bus to Watsons Bay, which is ~30 mins away from Bondi beach! We would then walk across the Harbor Bridge and check out Luna Park. If it seems a bit jampacked, it was slightly – but we really scheduled it that way in order to maximize the Opal AUD 15 daily cap!

Coastal walk from Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach

  • To get to Bronte, we took a bus from the Central station – we got a bit lost at first trying to find the right bus stand. In the end, we asked the bus information center for directions. When in doubt, just ask!
  • My first thought when I got a glimpse of Bronte beach was WOW, just WOW! I was preparing to be disappointed as I didn’t really like Manly beach, but Bronte restored all my faith in Australian beaches. Simply beautiful, words can’t describe how nice it was. You definitely need to check this beach out, and if you like to surf – this place is perfect for you!
  • After taking loads of photos, we then started the coastal walk to Bondi Beach. There’s lots of tourists walking the exact same path as you, so when in doubt – just follow the horde of people + always stick as close to the beach as possible
  • Bondi beach was also quite pretty, although it was a bit more conventional. Lots of people sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. Everyone looked so relaxed (and fit!!)
  • Two things you must check out while here however:
    • Bondi graffiti walls – simply amazing, there’s a whole stretch of them. People are so talented. Makes me wish I was artistic as well
    • Eat at Harry’s Café de Wheels (I love their meat pie) and at Gelato Messina (they’ve got all of these weird and crazy flavors that you might love to love or love to hate!)
  • IMG_4309[1].JPG

Watson’s Bay

  • After a quick lunch at Bondi, we took a bus to Watson’s Bay and walked around. Not much to see but we were feeling pretty lazy so we slowly walked from one end to the other, and climbed a cliff that was there. Again, not something you must do if you’re crunched for time, but it does give you a nice view of the Sydney skyline from the other side
  • Check out Doyle’s while you’re there also! They’re super famous for their fish and chips, no way you can miss them as they’re front and center of the beach!

Sydney Harbor Bridge Walk

  • From Watson’s Bay, we took a ferry back to Circular Quay. The public ferry we took had a sun deck in front so we stupidly decided to sit outside under the scorching sun. We suffered for it, don’t worry, as we all had varying degrees of sunburn afterwards. But it was definitely an experience, as you felt the wind whip through your hair and you could be the first one on the ship to see just where we were going (aside from the captain and other passengers beside you of course)
  • Once we got to Circular Quay, we went to The Rocks to find the stairs that would lead up to the Sydney Harbor Bridge Walk. Definitely a nice experience to have – and best of all, it’s free. Can’t compare it to the Bridge Climb as that one cost a pretty penny (AUD 270 per person), which we thought was a really steep price just for you to climb the bridge halfway + not be allowed to take any photos of your climb

Luna Park

  • Once we crossed the bridge, we slowly made our way to Luna Park. Entrance is free, and you only have to pay if you want to ride the amusement park rides
  • Think the amusement park is super cool and pretty – we enjoyed looking around and checking the multitude of rides out. Nothing special, but everything was very colorful and it was nice to take photos. Wish we had an amusement park like this in Manila – a short 10-20 mins away from the city, but with enough rides for children and adults to enjoy alike

Harborside Mall and Food Court

  • Once we finished at Luna Park, we head on over to Milsons Point ferry station (right outside the Luna Park entrance) and got on the ferry to Darling Harbor
  • My mom went into shopping mode again, and we only managed to grab dinner once the mall closed at 9pm. We were so hungry, we ended up hunkering down to eat at the mall food court. Food was alright, nothing to write home about but enough to fill our empty tummies

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